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Our Mission: Our focus is to continue as a leader of engineering services that provides quality work and dedication to our clients' goals.  We have formed a company that is uniquely positioned as a young, dynamic firm with flexibility to work on a variety of projects and available to continue offering many years of quality engineering services to our clients.
Company Profile:  Electrical Consulting Engineers, P.C. is a New York State-based professional corporation, currently with offices in New York, Arizona and Rhode Island.  Our engineers are licensed professional engineers in several states and are active in industry organizations such at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Power & Energy Society, Insulated Conductors Committee and CIGRE.  Our staff has contributed to industry guides and standards through participation in working groups focused on addressing the current needs in the electric power industry.

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Electrical Consulting Engineers, P.C.
Last modified: November 2018
Electrical Consulting Engineers (ECE) provides power engineering consulting services focused on underground transmission and distribution cable systems, submarine cables and related technical areas.  Through our affiliations with other industry experts, we are able to offer a broad range of services on many areas of the electric power industry and would
welcome an opportunity to work with you.  We specialize in
underground and submarine power transmission and
distribution cable systems used as alternatives where
overhead T&D lines are impractical or undesirable,
including situations where storm hardening is important.

Each of our staff averages more than 28 years of experience in
the electric power industry, combining electric utility and
consulting service background with a history of delivering
successful projects to a variety of firms, architect-engineers,
other consultants, and research organizations.